Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Two Presidents in the White House?"

Sally Bedell Smith, the noted biographer who recently wrote a book on Bill and Hillary Clinton titled FOR LOVE OF POLITICS, has written an essay for Opinion Journal about the prospect of the Clintons returning to the White House.

Smith: "We now face the extraordinary possibility of having two presidents in the White House who are married to each other. That prospect is something that never occurred to our nation's founders...

"Imagine being asked to serve as her running mate, knowing that her husband would be far more influential than any vice president. What would a potential secretary of state face now that Sen. Clinton has already said she would use her husband as ambassador to the world?"

Because of anti-nepotism laws, former President Clinton could not serve in a formal appointed job, which raises its own problems: "His role would be necessarily ambiguous. At a time when voters are crying out for more openness in government, such an arrangement raises questions about transparency and accountability."

Smith raises an issue previously explored here: "While Mr. Clinton's return to the West Wing wouldn't directly violate the 22nd Amendment--designed to limit a president to two terms in office--it has significant implications..."

Her conclusion: "The concept of two presidents in the White House poses one of the biggest conundrums of this political season, and is an issue that can only grow during the general election campaign if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate."

Be sure to read the entire column, it's a worthwhile read by a woman who has spent a great deal of time studying the Clintons.


Blogger windycorner said...

The prospect of the Clintons returning to the Whitehouse makes me very uneasy. It makes me think of all the things Bill Clinton has said he would do differently if he had the chance. This would give him a second go at a legacy.

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