Saturday, February 16, 2008

Coming to DVD: The New Maverick (1978)

My all-time favorite TV series is MAVERICK, starring James Garner and Jack Kelly. Alas, Warners has only seen fit to release a sampler DVD of three of the show's best-known episodes, rather than releasing the season sets fans have been anxiously awaiting.

A ray of sunshine for MAVERICK fans, however, is the May 20 DVD release of 1978's THE NEW MAVERICK, once again starring James Garner and Jack Kelly. It wasn't all that good -- though the series which followed, YOUNG MAVERICK, was kind of cute -- but for MAVERICK fans any release at all is welcome news.

Deep Discount has a particularly good price.

A bit of trivia is that part of THE NEW MAVERICK was filmed on location at Old Tucson.


Blogger MorganLvr said...

You're right. It's better than nothing. :o)

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