Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good News for Waltons Fans

TV Shows on DVD announced yesterday that the six TV-movies which aired after THE WALTONS completed its regular series run are coming to DVD. THE WALTONS - THE MOVIE COLLECTION will be released on January 26th.

I'm delighted that the show's nine seasons appear to have sold well enough to justify the release of the TV-movies.

A word of caution, the three TV-movies released from 1993 to 1997 really aren't worth the investment of time. They were not true to the series in many ways, with characters changed, killed off, divorced, or vanished without explanation. The best that can be said about these films is that Richard Thomas returned.

However, the three 1982 movies, which aired the year after the series ended, are excellent and true to the series in every way. In fact they are some of my favorite episodes ever, which I've enjoyed many times. The events depicted include Erin and Mary Ellen's weddings and the birth of Ben and Cindy's second child. They are lovely films, and as a fan of the show since childhood I'm thrilled at the prospect of being able to complete my WALTONS DVD collection.

Sunday Update: I've added the cover, which has now been posted at Amazon.


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