Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Media Lynch Mob

I am simply appalled at what has happened to Rush Limbaugh this week. The media, and their political confederates, have sunk to a new low as they have smeared Rush as a racist without any basis in fact whatsoever.

It's been the equivalent of the old "When did you stop beating your wife?" smear, only worse. As at the Clarence Thomas hearings, truth doesn't matter; it's "the seriousness of the charge." Even if it's complete fabrication.

Some of those in the media have actually said it doesn't matter whether or not Rush actually said the made-up quotes which have circulated, because they believe he thinks it anyway!

I thought the traditional media were supposedly the ones with editors and fact-checkers? Power Line notes CNN recently fact-checked a SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE comedy skit in defense of the President, but didn't bother to fact-check this.

By extension, every single one of Rush's 20 million plus listeners have also been smeared as racists.

This appears to be the new McCarthyism. If you dare to go against the liberal thought police and espouse conservative principles and ideas, you're not entitled to do business in America.

Scary times.

Update: David Limbaugh says "This isn't about Rush." He's so right.

Friday Update: "The Search for the Wikipedia Libelist."

Rush Limbaugh's site has a large list of related links.


Blogger Dana said...

Good post, Laura, and spot on. Truth is squishy at best, and at worst, becomes what one (or a group) need and demand it to be.

It's really shocking. And yet, somehow... strangely expected.

7:46 PM  

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