Monday, October 05, 2009

Gourmet Magazine Goes Out of Business

Oh, my...Gourmet Magazine is ceasing publication after nearly 70 years.

Of course, I just mailed in a renewal check a few weeks ago.

Although other magazines have folded in the last year, I thought Gourmet was probably secure given its long publishing history.

Gourmet is the country's oldest food magazine. I also read Bon Appetit but thought Gourmet was the better magazine of the two, with more appealing recipes and photography; I also enjoyed editor Ruth Reichl's columns. One has to wonder if Bon Appetit is long for this world if Gourmet can no longer stay in print.

Earlier this year Gourmet and other food magazines were said to be retooling to be in step with the current economy. Recent cover stories have strongly focused on "comfort foods" which can be made at home.

The magazine will cease publication by year end.

Sad news...

Update: More background from the New York Times.

Wednesday Update: The L.A. Times looks back.

Wednesday Late Update: More from the New York Times Dining & Wine section.


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