Saturday, November 14, 2009

What is Wrong With This President?

President Obama bizarrely bowed deeply to another foreign head of state, in this case the Japanese Emperor -- undoing decades, if not centuries, of United States protocol.

As with the Saudi King, the bow was not returned. Instead we had the spectacle of the head of the U.S. government unilaterally humbling himself before another foreign dignitary.

Obama's bow was not normal, as demonstrated by an extensive photo series of heads of state meeting the Emperor, posted today at Free Republic.

Whatever else might be said about Obama -- and there is plenty -- it seems increasingly apparent that this man simply does not think as an American, or as an American President. There is something "off" in how he sees the United States and himself.

After this many months in office, one has to think he must be deliberately disregarding protocol advice from the State Department.

Will the "mainstream" media ignore it?

Meanwhile Obama also paid tribute to himself as the "first Pacific President" -- showing once more that he's a poor student of history.

Update: Jeff Jacoby on "Obama's Swelling Ego."

Update: More from Nathaniel Givens at America's Right.

Meanwhile, John Hinderaker at Power Line addresses Obama's dogged refusal to answer whether the United States was right to drop the atomic bomb to end World War II. Hinderaker concludes: "If Barack Obama can't stick up for the country he represents when he goes overseas, he should stay home."

Sunday Update: Paul Mirengoff of Power Line, writing in today's Washington Examiner: "Why Does He Hate Us? Barack Obama's America-Effacing Presidency."


Blogger Charles Rinehart said...

After seeing this bowing photo, I want to say something to all the Acorn people, welfare babies, and union people: The zoo all are due back at 6.

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