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Fox Movie Channel in August

As regular viewers of Fox Movie Channel know, the station tends to repeat a relatively limited number of titles over and over again. A great many of the titles I highlighted from Fox Movie Channel's July schedule are being run again in August. Use the box on the upper right corner of the online schedule page to search the station's upcoming films for a particular title.

Happily there are usually at least a small handful of interesting "new" titles on Fox each month. Below are a few titles to be watching for; some are shown more than once, but I've only given one date.

...The most interesting title this month is SUSANNAH OF THE MOUNTIES (1939), with Shirley Temple, Randolph Scott, and Margaret Lockwood. It airs August 15th. I was fascinated to learn Lockwood had appeared in a U.S. movie! She was actually in two American films in 1939, the second being the Paramount film RULERS OF THE SEA with Douglas Fairbanks Jr. What I wouldn't give to see that one!

...August 16th is another interesting title: WHITE WITCH DOCTOR (1953) with Robert Mitchum and Susan Hayward, directed by Henry Hathaway. Last Friday, incidentally, was the 93rd anniversary of Mitchum's birth. A slice of interesting trivia is that he passed away in 1997 in Bridgeport, Connecticut; another Bridgeport, in California, was the setting for one of Mitchum's best-known films, OUT OF THE PAST (1947). More on that town coming soon.

...August 19th is SHOCK (1946) with Lynn Bari and Vincent Price. I find Bari to be a consistently entertaining actress. This title is also out on DVD.

...The classic film LAURA (1944) will air August 21st. Like SHOCK, it's also out on DVD, in a very fine package in the Fox Film Noir series. For those who haven't seen it yet, it's time! It's one of Hollywood's best, a film which I've enjoyed countless times.

...August 22nd is the amusing Ray Milland-Paul Douglas film IT HAPPENS EVERY SPRING (1949). Besides being a fun film, the ethics angle is interesting to consider, and there's some location shooting at USC.

...George Montgomery's career was on the upswing when he starred in the 58-minute Zane Grey B Western THE RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE (1941). It's on August 24th.

Happy viewing!


Blogger Gordon Pasha said...

Dear Laura:

Re: Fox in August. I agree about Lynn Bari. I think she easily could have been another Linda Darnell (whom I admire immensely). No matter the material in which she is in, when I hit the off switch, Lynn’s image seems to linger on the dark screen. I remember her being in many of those little films I saw in the forties (we had the Fox Crotona theatre in my neighborhood).

I am curious to see Renoir’s “Swamp Water,” on August 19. I saw it only as a boy and I think I remember a snake biting someone by a pond. At that age, reptiles resonated more than Renoir. (The profundity of a boy at the movies.) Alas, I remember little else. Enjoy your updates. Best. Gerald

12:58 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Always love the Shirley Temples. And who can beat Laura? What a fantastic film! Glad Fox Movie Channel is showing it.

1:25 PM  

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