Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reviews of Scott Eyman's Cecil B. DeMille Biography

I haven't yet had time to crack open my copy of Scott Eyman's EPIC DREAMS: THE LIFE OF CECIL B. DEMILLE, but it's received some excellent reviews.

Leonard Maltin has just published a review of the book along with a short account of the CLEOPATRA screening I recently attended where both Maltin and Eyman appeared.

Maltin writes: "Empire of Dreams is a great book, one of the best movie-related biographies I’ve ever read, because it presents both the big picture and the tiniest details that illuminate an extraordinary life."

Jane Sumner of the Dallas Morning News wrote of the biography, "If this were a movie, it would get four stars, two thumbs up and an 'A.'"

David Walton of the Cleveland Plain Dealer says "Scott Eyman's big and surely definitive biography of DeMille...would itself make a spectacular movie."

Speaking of DeMille, today the L.A. Times published an article on the upcoming screening of THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (1956) at the Egyptian Theatre: "An Epic Restoration Effort."


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