Sunday, November 21, 2010

Deep Discount Big Winter Sale Starts Monday

Just received an email that Deep Discount's "Big Winter Sale" starts Monday afternoon, November 22nd, and runs through December 10th.

Items will be 25% off. There wasn't a coupon code in the email so perhaps the discounts will be taken off automatically.

This is always a great sale where I accomplish a lot of my Christmas shopping. However, a word of caution: I've recently been experiencing unusually sluggish service from Deep Discount, including back orders of brand-new merchandise which weren't filled in a reasonable time frame. So if you place an order, keep a close eye on its progress.

Monday Update: Just received a coupon code, 25 MORE. Please feel free to post additional coupon codes in the comments...they come in handy! (I always seem to think of something extra after I place my initial sale order...)

Wednesday Update: I've found an additional coupon code, DVDTALK25.

In curious news, I was charged tax by Deep Discount for the first time ever when I placed a sale order this evening. I also noticed that a couple items in my order were noted "Ships from manufacturer." I assume if the manufacturer is in California that may have something to do with it. I've never before had Deep Discount ship me something using that method.


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