Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New on DVD: Westerns

I was aware that MGM had recently released a new batch of manufactured-on-demand DVD-R Westerns, including MAN FROM DEL RIO (1956), but I didn't realize how many new titles were out until reading comments accompanying a post at 50 Westerns From the 50s.

Thanks to the info acquired there, today I purchased a nice widescreen print of Ben Johnson and Kent Taylor in FORT BOWIE (1958), a film I've previously recorded in pan & scan from Encore Westerns. I haven't yet had time to see it so I'm looking forward to my first viewing being a good DVD print. The few minutes I saw of the film when I recorded it looked quite interesting.

Also out from MGM: FORT DEFIANCE (1951), a good-looking film starring Johnson, Dane Clark, and Peter Graves; George Montgomery and Ellen Drew costarring in DAVY CROCKETT, INDIAN SCOUT (1950); and Joel McCrea in FORT MASSACRE (1958).

The MGM DVD-Rs can be purchased at Amazon and also at Screen Archives Entertainment.


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