Wednesday, January 04, 2006

KTLA Defends Rose Parade Broadcast

KTLA is still in self-defense mode for its treatment of longtime cohost Stephanie Edwards during this year's Rose Parade.

I think the pouring rain accentuated Edwards' predicament to viewers, as she sat alone in the rain with her soggy program, but KTLA really needs to rethink their disparate treatment of Edwards and her longtime broadcasting partner, Bob Eubanks.

Stephanie, to her credit, is as chipper and gracious as ever, telling the TIMES: "Bob, Michaela and I are thrilled by the ratings but saddened by the misinformation regarding our nonexistent feud."

The L.A. Times also notes: "The parade had hardly wrapped before bloggers began expressing sympathy for Edwards and sharply criticizing Pereira, whom several viewers complained had referred to retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor as sitting on the 'Superior Court.' Pereira did not return a phone call Tuesday seeking comment."

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More at L.A. Observed (scroll down). In response to one of the letters posted at L.A. Observed criticizing Michaela Pereira, I would note that Newport Beach, California, does have a jazz festival. Whether that's the "famous" jazz festival Pereira was referring to, I can't say.

Update: Frank Mickadeit of the Orange County Register interviewed Stephanie for his column. She told him: "What some people see as tradition, others see as old-fashioned. Television is always going to change."

True, but I think the question here is why, after over a quarter of a century, did it change for Stephanie and not for Bob?

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