Friday, May 18, 2007

Border Deal: The Latest Developments

Rush Limbaugh said today that the Senate's proposed immigration bill "gives up on the whole notion of legal immigration in this country."

More from Rush: "...if this goes through as is, the Republican Party in '08 could well be doomed, but so could we as a country. I have this great fear that the first thing that's going to go by the wayside in this immigration bill is the whole concept of border security, the signs are there."

Rush's take on the bill appears to be available on the "free" page of his website (linked above). He refers to it as "the Destroy America bill."

A column at American Thinker suggests this bill could open the door to "millions" of Muslims, which could cause tremendous changes to our nation and endanger national security, just as France and Britain are being transformed by radical Muslim immigrants.

Power Line is hopeful the bill is "DOA."

More: Kathryn Jean Lopez on the Right Revolt and Rich Lowry on The Senate's Rotten Deal.

Lowry: "It is an amnesty, no matter what supporters call it... But the 12 million illegals here before January would get probationary legal status immediately when the bill passes, an effective amnesty. (It's unclear why illegals arriving here after January would be excluded so coldheartedly -- what does McCain want to do, deport them all?)"

For those who insist we must "do something" about immigration and that we "can't deport" illegal immigrants: it's so simple. Just enforce the immigration laws on the books and simultaneously build the fence and put true border control in place -- not just on the southern border, but on the northern border as well. After all, when the southern border closes to terrorists, the northern border will look very inviting.

If this bill passes, it will endanger our country and cost trillions.

Back to Rush Limbaugh: "The Republican leadership is destroying the movement that Reagan built. We've gotten No Child Left Behind. We've gotten the McCain-Feingold bill, which legitimized infringement on free speech, the First Amendment. We've gotten massive new farm subsidies, and a massive new prescription drug program. We're just growing the government here. It will be worse when the Democrats get in charge, if you think it's bad now, but all of these virtues, all of these aspects of our belief system are assaulted in this bill that is coming out of the Senate...

"This is, along with the war on terrorism, this is the battle of our time, because these two issues -- the war on terror, which the Democratic Party has already surrendered the United States to defeat -- are going to define America for generations."

Saturday Update: An editorial by Fred Thompson: "The Immigration Bill: Comprehensive or Incomprehensible?"


Blogger Laura said...

Note: I do not agree with the President's views on illegal immigration myself, but let's keep the discussion and expression of those views on a dignified level, folks. This is posted to explain the removal of posts which are nothing more than counterproductive rolling around in the mud.

Thank you for understanding,

12:29 PM  
Blogger Dana said...

Laura, I found the "Border Deal: The Latest Developments" posting so discouraging that I can so well understand the frustration expressed by the commenter. And while not necessarily productive perhaps the rant made the rantor feel a tad better?

I wrote all persons we are supposed to write re outrage at this proposed bill and expressed hopes to see this slap-in-the-face be shut down but I fear the automatically generated form email response I received from the White House is just what we will collectively receive as a nation - an acknowledgement of protest, a pat on the head and a complete disregard of the voter's will.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I hope he or she feels better! LOL.

"an acknowledgement of protest, a pat on the head and a complete disregard of the voter's will."

Yep, I fear that too.

I am so frustrated by the false choice we're being presented -- that we must "do something" (i.e., the bill under discussion) or the status quo continues. Inside-the-Beltway types I otherwise admire, like Fred Barnes, keep presenting the issue as being *only* these two options.

Yet if we simply treated our current laws seriously and improve border security, that would go a very long way toward solving the problems. I suspect some illegal aliens, for example, would self-deport if they're unable to find work. Our priority as a nation needs to be national security combined with stopping the massive flow of illegal aliens into our country (which the law under discussion would only encourage to get worse), and stopping the accompanying flow of our tax dollars into the massive entitlement programs enjoyed by illegal aliens.

I understand Democrats not liking this idea, as among other things they hope to eventually have thousands of new Democrat voters, but those Republicans who have abandoned all common sense on this issue frustrate the heck out of me.


Best wishes,

1:42 PM  

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