Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Around the Blogosphere Today

Some very miscellaneous stories of interest which I came across today:

Cataracts Key to Monet's Blurry Style (subject link): Fascinating article and photos. (Hat tip: Betsy's Page.)

Sad, Tormented Life of Empress Who Dreams of Invisibility Cloak: The Times of London on Japan's Empress Michiko. For more, see my March post, Stressed Japanese Royals.

160 Books on Must-Read List for Boys: Britain's Education Secretary has published a large list of boy-friendly books to encourage boys to read more for pleasure. I've just started checking the list out so I don't have opinions on it yet.

Minor Moonlighting Mystery: Something Old, Nothing New explains why the background music for an episode on the Season 1 DVD of MOONLIGHTING is all wrong...but right.

Sandy Berg(l)er Forfeits Law License: Sadly, this is one of the few penalities he's paid for stealing highly classified documents.

MSNBC vs. Fox: Check out the video montage put together by National Review's Media Blog comparing the inane debate questions asked by MSNBC with the substantive questions asked by Fox News. No wonder Democrats won't debate on Fox, the only reason could be they can't handle serious questions...


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