Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tonight's Dinner: Black Pepper Beef Roast With Shallot Sauce

I recently came across this attractive little Good Housekeeping cookbook, ROAST IT!, while browsing in a bookstore, and treated myself to it as a belated birthday gift.

This cookbook was well worth the cost, if only for this single recipe (note: I paid less with my B&N discount card than Amazon's non-discounted price). Tonight's meal instantly became one of our all-time favorites. The accompanying shallot sauce was heavenly with mashed potatoes. I know I'll be returning to this recipe for Sunday dinner many times in the future.

An additional plus: The book has a hidden spiral binding which allows it to stand open easily.

Tomorrow night I'll be trying another recipe from the book, Lime Chicken. Based on how well tonight's dinner went, I'm really looking forward to it.


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