Friday, October 05, 2007

Tonight's TV: Friday Night Lights

I haven't yet watched the TV series FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, but Kyle Chandler has been a favorite of mine since he starred as Jeff Metcalf on HOMEFRONT. And his Emmy-nominated guest role as a bomb demolition expert on GREY'S ANATOMY sure didn't hurt my opinion of him.

This review of Chandler's FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS by Rebecca Cusey of National Review Online (subject link) makes me glad I picked up the relatively inexpensive Season 1 DVD set this summer. (It came with a money-back guarantee!) Cusey writes that the show depicts both marriage and Christianity in a very positive light.

Cusey writes of the show and executive producer Jeffrey Reiner: "He was willing to go, to explore, and to create an excellent show that addresses and respects Christianity. Moreover, he created a show that realistically depicts the struggle and the beauty of family life, as well as the toil of high school years lived without parental love and support. In doing so he glorifies what other shows scoff at, and in doing so he offers something remarkably fresh and original. Hollywood would be a better and more interesting place if others followed his example."

The Season 2 premiere of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is this evening on NBC.

Another great review from the New York Daily News.

I'm looking forward to checking out the series soon.


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