Wednesday, December 05, 2007

More Thoughts on Mike Huckabee

Don't-miss reading from Power Line is at the subject link as well as here and here. Mike Huckabee's lack of seriousness about foreign policy is explored in detail -- he apparently thinks that "character" will carry the day when it comes to foreign relations. The Power Line writers warn that Huckabee could prove to be Jimmy Carter revisited.

All of the Power Line pieces are worth reading, especially the examples of Huckabee reacting to issues emotionally rather than from sound political principles; for example, Huckabee believes in a federal smoking ban, without regard to freedom or federalism.

Huckabee does not appear to have a coherent political philosophy, but instead is guided more by what he feels is "right"...and often what he feels is "right" is not in line with conservative political principles. Indeed, responding based on emotions rather than principles is more in line with standard liberal politics.

Also worth reading is this piece about Huckabee trying to avoid disclosing his gubernatorial record on illegal immigration. I gave my impressions of some of Huckabee's evasions here last month.

On the subject of illegal immigration, it's also worth noting that Huckabee has asserted that someone who disagrees with him on benefits for illegal aliens is "willing to grind your heel into the face of a 6-year-old child." Of course, Huckabee also believes that Christians who disagree with him "drink a different kind of Jesus juice." I can't believe a pastor would actually speak so disrespectfully of fellow conservatives or Christians -- or Jesus -- on multiple occasions, and feel good about it.

As a side note, I find it interesting that the same Beltway pundits who insist that Huckabee is charming and an effective speaker are catty about the more substantive Fred Thompson refusing to play the traditional media/political game and visit 10 diners a day in Iowa with the same dedication as his fellow candidates. You know, I've never had a politician come in a restaurant in my neighborhood, and I suspect most Americans could say the same. A politician slogging around Iowa in a bus for months on end conveys nothing to me about his political philosophies or his ability to serve effectively. It's simply "the way it's always been," and members of the media aren't happy when someone does things a bit differently and isn't always there to spoon-feed them material to broadcast or publish. In this modern media age, the in-person campaigning demanded by the press and the citizens of Iowa and New Hampshire is an anachronism.

I honestly have no idea who I'm going to end up supporting -- it's probably clear to regular readers that the positions of Fred Thompson continue to impress me the most, though at this juncture his long-term future as a candidate is a question mark, at least in the eyes of the Beltway pundits -- but I cannot envision voting for the hectoring, tax-raising nanny-stater Mike Huckabee under any circumstances.

Thursday Update: Clarice Feldman today at American Thinker: "Huckabee House Built On a Weak Foundation."

Thursday Evening Update: Kimberly Strassel at Opinion Journal has a column titled "Redefining Conservatism" which is subtitled "Mike Huckabee is far from being Reagan's heir." She writes "If Mr. Huckabee does turn out to be everything Republicans 'want' or 'need' in a conservative, it will only be because the definition of a conservative has morphed to include tax hiking, protectionism, corporate scolding and an unserious approach to foreign policy." Her conclusion: "...if by some chance he keeps up this surge, Republican voters need to understand they are signing up for a whole new brand of 'conservatism.'"

The more I learn about Huckabee, the more I suspect that the reality is he's simply a pro-life liberal.


Blogger jau said...

I agree with you on the impossibility of voting for Huckabee. If the Republicans nominate him, they are certain to lose the general election, I think.

As for Fred T., I can't count how many people say what you said - that they find themselves often in agreement with him and quite like him but doubt he'll get the nomination.

This would be interesting if I could work up any genuine enthusiasm for anyone, even Fred.

6:51 AM  

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