Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Natasha Richardson Critically Injured

I was very sorry to hear that actress Natasha Richardson has suffered a very serious brain injury due to a skiing accident.

The actress, who is married to Liam Neeson, was transported from Montreal to New York today with an emergency medical team.

In 1987 my husband and I had the good fortune to see Richardson starring in a London stage production of HIGH SOCIETY, in which she played Tracy Lord opposite Trevor Eve's C.K. Dexter Haven. Richardson was excellent in the starring role.

The musical was at the Victoria Palace Theatre; I brought home an LP, purchased at the theater, as one of my trip souvenirs.

(A side note: this is a reminder that films were being turned into stage musicals over two decades ago, although of course HIGH SOCIETY started out on the stage as THE PHILADELPHIA STORY...)

Richardson's film credits include Disney's remake of THE PARENT TRAP (1998) and MAID IN MANHATTAN (2002).

Richardson's sister, Joely, is also an actress (THE PATRIOT, RETURN TO ME). Their mother, of course, is Vanessa Redgrave.

In the late '70s I saw a marvelous stage production of AS YOU LIKE IT directed by the actresses' father, the late Tony Richardson, in Long Beach, California. It starred Stockard Channing and Ian McShane.

Hopefully there will be more encouraging news about Ms. Richardson's condition available soon.

Update: Unfortunately, multiple unconfirmed reports indicate Ms. Richardson's condition is "not good," but there is still uncertainty about her exact status. The family is expected to issue a statement on Wednesday.

Wednesday Update: Very sad news tonight.

Thursday Update: Broadway theaters dimmed their lights tonight in Richardson's honor.

The BBC has brief footage of Richardson's family attending the tribute.

Friday Update: 52 theaters in London's West End have also dimmed their lights in tribute.


Blogger Dana said...

I was watching Greta V. S. just now and she reported that Richardson is brain-dead and that the family has brought her back to the states and will take her off life support.

I thought she was absolutely charming in the Parent Trap. I don't know why such a small, charming film stuck with me...loved the original too.

May her family be comforted.

7:42 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks for that update, Dana. So very sad. She is a talented lady.

I will always feel a bit of a special "connection" simply because I associate a lovely evening seeing her on the stage with our wonderful trip to London all those years ago.

Best wishes,

7:46 PM  

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