Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Dodgers Set Major League Record

The Dodgers made baseball history tonight, setting a new modern-day record for consecutive games won at home to start a baseball season.

The Dodgers beat the Nationals, 10-3, and in so doing broke a Detroit Tigers record which had stood since 1911.

It boggles the mind when I consider that the Tigers' record has been in place since before my grandparents were born.

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Thursday Update: From the highs to the lows: it was announced today that Manny Ramirez is suspended a whopping 50 games for using performance-enhancing drugs.

Way to let your team and Dodger fans down, Manny.


Blogger Dana said...

Argh. Such disappointment. I hope the team can overcome and persevere. ...just when they were doing so well...

10:27 AM  

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