Wednesday, May 06, 2009

New Book: In-N-Out Burger

Here's another interesting new book: IN-N-OUT BURGER: A BEHIND-THE-COUNTER LOOK AT THE FAST-FOOD CHAIN THAT BREAKS ALL THE RULES by Stacy Perman of Business Week.

Amazon chose the book about the classic California-based burger chain as one of their "Significant Seven" titles for the month of April. The book was released on April 14th.

The L.A. Times has a column about the business and the book. I have linked to it, as it called my attention to the book, but I urge caution: columnist Michael Hiltzik has a poor ethical history which causes me to read anything he writes with a barrel of salt. (Search his name at my blog and you'll pull up several additional entries.) I can't imagine why he's still employed by the Times, especially as they've had to let so many reporters go.

Hiltzik aside, the book looks like another fun food-related read discovered this week.


Blogger Curious George said...

I can't believe I missed out on a book about the only burger joint where I ever eat burgers!

Honesly, I literally never eat hamburgers ever. Too many bad experiences with them.

But In-N-Out is the exception. It's almost always the first place I eat whenever I visit Southern California.

I've also always heard that the company treats its workers pretty well, particularly by fast food restaurant standards, another reason I like spending my money there.

And, though I'm not a particularly religious person myself, the little Bible verse references on the bottom of the cups never bothered me at all. As long as the food was good, and it certainly was to me!

Aw. Now I'm totally starving, and about 2,500 miles from a good burger. Shoot.

12:25 AM  

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