Sunday, February 28, 2010

Las Vegas: M&M's and Coca-Cola Stores

We started sightseeing our first afternoon in Las Vegas with a stop at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.

As is the case inside so many Las Vegas resorts, it's perpetually nighttime, regardless of how sunny it might be outdoors:

The interior of the Miracle Mile Shops was reminiscent of the Mexico Pavilion at Disney World's Epcot, another spot where it's nighttime at all hours. We were happy to find a Sur La Table kitchen store here!

Then for a walk down Las Vegas Boulevard to the Coca-Cola Store and M&M's World, which are right next to each other. Unfortunately these attractions, which are most likely to appeal to families, are next to one of the sketchier blocks on the Strip, where at least a couple dozen lowlifes were aggressively hawking some of the city's less savory attractions. It was an...interesting...walk, but we enjoyed ourselves once we arrived at our destination!

The Coca-Cola store features two floors of Coke merchandise of all kinds. It was great fun looking around. Since our family likes Cola Pot Roast, I was happy to discover CLASSIC COOKING WITH COCA-COLA.

Next door is the very colorful M&M's World, four floors of displays and merchandise featuring nothing but M&M's, of course!

You can buy M&Ms in any color...

...even a "racing team mix" with colors matching the M&M's NASCAR car. A full-sized car is on display as well!

Some of the endless displays of M&M's merchandise:

These are "must" stops in Las Vegas for fans of two classic American products. There's also a Hard Rock Cafe nearby, a fun place to stop for lunch or dinner.

Coming next: The Bellagio Water Fountains.

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