Friday, August 06, 2010

Quick Preview of TCM in November

Thanks to Ivan for making sure I was aware that Turner Classic Movies posted their November schedule online today. Learning about the good things ahead on TCM is always a bit like opening a gift...although I strangely feel that I'm peeking early when I take a look online before the arrival of the Now Playing guide in the mail!

The November Star of the Month is the one and only Ava Gardner, one of the great beauties of film history.

One of the fun things TCM will be doing is showing a large number of the films in which Gardner had bit parts as she worked her way up the MGM ladder in the early '40s. These titles include THIS TIME FOR KEEPS (1942), in which she's a lovely woman eating in her car at a drive-in, and KID GLOVE KILLER (1942), in which she's a carhop. CALLING DR. GILLESPIE (1942), REUNION IN FRANCE (1942), and HITLER'S MADMAN (1943) are a few more of the films being shown with brief glimpses of the young Gardner. I especially look forward to JOE SMITH, AMERICAN (1942), starring Robert Young and the always-wonderful Marsha Hunt.

All told there will be over 3 dozen Gardner films airing on Thursdays in November, including titles previously reviewed here such as THE HUCKSTERS (1947), THE BRIBE (1949), EAST SIDE, WEST SIDE (1949), MY FORBIDDEN PAST (1951), MOGAMBO (1953), and SEVEN DAYS IN MAY (1964).

Other Gardner films on the schedule include THE KILLERS (1946), SHOW BOAT (1951), PANDORA AND THE FLYING DUTCHMAN (1951) -- which was just released on DVD -- KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE (1953), and THE BAREFOOT CONTESSA (1954). And that still doesn't cover the whole list! What a great month.

TCM's new documentary MOGULS AND MOVIE STARS: A HISTORY OF HOLLYWOOD debuts in November. There are also lots of silent movies, Fritz Lang films, and mini-tributes to Joel McCrea, Edna May Oliver, and Pat O'Brien.

Lesser-known treats which will go on my personal viewing list include THE DAUGHTER OF ROSIE O'GRADY (1950) with June Haver and Gordon MacRae, A MILLIONAIRE FOR CHRISTY (1951) with Fred MacMurray, Eleanor Parker, and Richard Carlson, and SHE'S WORKING HER WAY THROUGH COLLEGE (1952) with Ronald Reagan, Virginia Mayo, and Gene Nelson.

I'll be taking a more detailed look at the November schedule this fall.

Meanwhile, we can also look forward to Vivien Leigh as the September Star of the Month and Fredric March in October.

Tomorrow I'll be reviewing some of the great movies airing during Summer Under the Stars on Turner Classic Movies. I couldn't post at the start of the month due to computer troubles, but there's still a lot of great August viewing ahead!

Saturday Update: Lots more details on the November schedule can be found at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear.


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oooh, I love 7 DAYS IN MAY, it has an ensemble of some of my favorite actors: March, O'Brien, Douglas, Lancaster. Ava is good too!

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