Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quick Preview of TCM in February: 31 Days of Oscar

Today Turner Classic Movies posted its schedule for the annual 31 Days of Oscar festival; in addition to February, the first 3 days of March have been posted as well.

February is frankly my least favorite month of the year on TCM, simply because the Oscar-nominated films are so well known, and it's harder to make new discoveries.

That said, there are a couple of terrific "finds" in the schedule. I'm very excited that THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD (1934) will be shown, which features Loretta Young and Robert Young in prominent supporting roles.

I'm also delighted to be able to see Loretta Young and Dean Jagger in THE MEN IN HER LIFE (1941).

There are a significant number of 20th Century-Fox films on TCM in February; in addition to THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD, there's an evening of Fox musicals featuring DADDY LONG LEGS (1955), CONEY ISLAND (1943), and an old favorite of mine, MOTHER WORE TIGHTS (1947).

Some Universal and Paramount films also made the schedule, including Deanna Durbin's ONE HUNDRED MEN AND A GIRL (1937) from Universal and Bing Crosby's GOING MY WAY (1944) and THE EMPEROR WALTZ (1948) from Paramount. I once saw the latter film, which costars Joan Fontaine and was directed by Billy Wilder, at the now-defunct Vagabond Theater in Los Angeles.

Curiously, there are Christmas movies on the February schedule, Fox's MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET (1947) and Goldwyn's THE BISHOP'S WIFE (1947).

Other themes include a "1939" day and a marathon of the five films for which Greer Garson was nominated for Best Actress in the '40s.

For more on the February schedule, check out the discussion thread at TCM.

I'll be taking a closer look at the February schedule sometime around February 1st. In the meantime, there's lots to look forward to seeing in December and January!


Blogger panavia999 said...

31 Days of Oscar is usually the month I catch up on my stockpile of TCM recordings. I call it the "backlog movie festival".

11:21 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

I agree! February is a good time to make a dent in all the fun stuff waiting to be seen. :)

Best wishes,

11:25 AM  

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