Thursday, July 19, 2012

In Disney News...

...Sure wish I could attend D23's 30th Anniversary Celebration for Epcot this fall! Sounds like it will be a great day of Disney history.

...Those who love both cupcakes and Disney need to check out the Cupcakes of Walt Disney World, which is available for sale as a poster. (Disclosure: The creative person who put this together is the daughter of a close friend...but I didn't know that when I first admired it online!)

...Next month's Destination D event will include previews of upcoming Disney releases including WRECK-IT RALPH (2012) and FROZEN (2013). The latter film was given a boring generic name, like TANGLED (2010), because of the fear little boys wouldn't want to see a movie called THE SNOW QUEEN.

...A year ago the Disney Food Blog interviewed Chef Oscar of Disneyland's Carnation Cafe, who has worked at the park for almost as long as it's been open. We enjoyed a chat with Chef Oscar on a recent visit to Disneyland. The Cafe's remodel wasn't yet completed so Oscar was greeting guests at the Jolly Holiday.

...Here's a great little video Disney released about the Red Car Trolleys. These add so much to the period atmosphere on Buena Vista Street in California Adventure!

...I would really hate to see the valuable land for a "third gate" in Anaheim taken up with a Marvel park. The only bright spot would be if it keeps Marvel out of the other two parks. But what a disappointment that would be, considering all the other things Disney could do with that space.

...THE RESCUERS (1977) just turned 35.

...A list of 10 Things That Are Better in a Disney Park.

...The Trains of Disney exhibit at Disneyland's Disney Gallery has now closed, and I'm excited to see the new exhibit, Crowning Achievements: Creating Castles for Magical Kingdoms. The exhibit includes a model of what I have referred to as The Best Castle Ever, Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant at Disneyland Paris. I'll be sharing photos here after I have the chance to visit the exhibit.

...Disney princesses will be spotlighted in the windows at Harrods in London this Christmas.

...Al Lutz recently put forward a rather shocking theory, that Disneyland's Submarine Voyage -- which just reopened five years ago -- could close in favor of newer attractions.

...It was announced that the next MouseAdventure game at the Disneyland Resort will be held September 30, 2012. The name of the game is MouseAdventure: Road Trip, and as might be guessed, it's going to take place in Disney California Adventure this time around, which will certainly be a challenge.

...MiceChat's Disneyland News Update has great photos of the Disney Archives display at the Ronald Reagan Presidential well as the unwelcome news that the Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land seem to have trouble operating when it's been raining. Otherwise, it really is the perfect Disney ride.

...Leonard Maltin raves about the Reagan Library exhibit.

...Tickets are now on sale for this year's edition of Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland.

...Have you seen the teaser trailer yet for MONSTERS UNIVERSITY (2013)?

...Though I'm looking forward to MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, enough with the sequels already! Do we really need a sequel to FINDING NEMO (2003)?

...As mentioned in an Around the Blogosphere post last month, art director and Disneyland designer Stan Jolley has passed on. His father was the character actor I. Stanford Jolley.

...For more recent Disney news, please visit the Disney link roundups for May and June!


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