Friday, March 09, 2007

Dems Refuse to Debate on Fox...

...because of the network's supposed conservative slant. The liberals just can't stand it when a network doesn't lean in one direction, and somehow that balance makes Fox "conservative."

If Fox is "conservative," why are they offering airtime for the Democrats to debate?

In bowing out, the Democrats appear once again to be buckling under pressure from the far left side of the party, as campaigned against the Fox debate.

Can you imagine if the Republicans refused to debate on CBS? Which in reality might be appropriate, especially as this week the network hired Rick Kaplan to produce Katie Couric's newscast. Kaplan is a longtime Clinton friend and advisor who lavishly praised Dan Rather as the "gold standard" -- after the Rathergate fiasco with forged documents used to smear President Bush.

Update: Roger Ailes and Fox respond.

Sunday Night Update: The Las Vegas Review-Journal tells it like it is.


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