Sunday, October 17, 2010

Today at Disneyland: MouseAdventure Trick Or Treat

We had a terrific time today at the MouseAdventure Trick Or Treat event held at Disneyland.

We attended our first MouseAdventure hunt in June, and we continued to be impressed today with the event's organization and attention to detail, as well as the dedication and good cheer of all the MouseAdventure volunteers.

Thanks to our experience at the previous MouseAdventure hunt, as well as Disney's Scavenger Hunt, we felt we developed more efficient techniques for approaching the quests. We really enjoy the way the games cause us to focus on so many previously unnoticed details around the park.

A good time was had by all...and I'm wondering how many miles we walked today! :) Except for two rides, the majority of the seven-hour hunt was spent walking nonstop.

We highly recommend that anyone who's considered trying MouseAdventure sign up for the next event, which will be held sometime next spring.

October 21st Update: The results are in! Our team, Practically Perfect, came in 4th out of 19 teams in the Family Division (teams which have at least one player under the age of 13) and 56th out of 184 teams overall. There were approximately 700 total players. We're quite pleased that our team made top third finishes in each category!


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