Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Border Deal: Disaster in the Making?

Read Power Line (subject link) and also don't miss Amnesty No! by Michelle Malkin.

White House Backs Off Alien Safeguards will get your blood boiling: "The Bush administration, trying to win an immigration agreement with Democrats, is backing away from safeguards designed to target businesses that hire illegal aliens and to prevent a repeat of the rampant fraud that resulted from the 1986 amnesty."


It's time to phone Republican Senators.


Blogger Dana said...

Let get down to brass tacks: We teen a ten-million march of Republicans to the White House and demand that goofball resign immediately. How much longer are we going to let Bush take this country down the sinkhole? It's not just immigration. He's been a Manchurian Candidate from the start. Granted, a Bush resignation would be largely symbolic, since the line of succession gives us Cheney and Condi Rice. Doug McIntyre of KABC radio, a conservative, was absolutely right when he apologized for voting for Bush and said Bush is the worst President in U.S. History. At least this immigration bill finishes off the political career of that other nut John McCain. I went to the McCain For President site and he's getting absolutely SKEWERED for his treasonous ways. People are registering just to call him on the carpet and tell him he's through. This guarantees Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee. He has a VERY checkered past on this issue, but he's smart enough to denounce this bill in no uncertain terms. And unlike Bush, he can actually complete a sentence without looking like he needs smelling salts and enrollment in remedial education.

8:32 PM  
Blogger UGN said...

What is amazing is that I think this is the same plan the illegals were marching in protest against a couple of weeks ago! It's not enought for them; they want more. It will never end!

11:07 PM  

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