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Five Underrated Films of 1947

There's a great new series at Rupert Pupkin Speaks in which contributors share their lists of "Underrated Films of 1947."

I'm pleased to announce that my list was posted today. Please head on over and check out my recommendations!

I've written about five favorite films from a variety of genres: Musical, Western, Film Noir, and Romantic Comedy, plus a post-Civil War romantic drama.

And while you're there, my host, Brian, has a terrific list as well. Keep your eye on the site for upcoming lists in this series which will be posted in the days and weeks to come.

A reminder that full-length reviews of each film mentioned in my guest post can be found here at Laura's Miscellaneous Musings; just input the title in the search box in the upper lefthand corner of this page.

For even more movie recommendations, here are links for my past guest posts at Rupert Pupkin Speaks: Five Underrated Comedies, Five Underrated Westerns, Five Underrated Mystery/Detective Films, Five Underrated Action/Adventure Films, Five Underrated Thrillers, Five Underrated Films of 1955, Five Underrated Films of 1945, Five Underrated Films of 1956, Favorite Film Discoveries of 2013, Favorite Film Discoveries of 2014, Favorite Film Discoveries of 2015, and Favorite Film Discoveries of 2016.


Blogger john k said...

Thanks so much for the link Laura. Brian seems to be jumping between decades this time,so
that's interesting.A couple of titles new to me this time-they make for great reading.
Love that GUNFIGHTERS poster that you have sourced.(or perhaps Brian?)
Off topic:we have discussed MAN WITHOUT A STAR on previous threads and I understand that
it's high on your to be watched soon stack.
Oddly enough Gary at DVD Beaver has just reviewed the German Blu Ray of a few years back-
it certainly shines against the DVD.....lovely screen-shots of Jeanne Crain at pretty
much the height of her star power.I'm very intrigued that you are not too keen on Mr Douglas,
and I wonder what other stars of the "classic" era that you are not too impressed with?
I say this because you always champion stars that have been virtually forgotten by many...
I am of course thinking of stars like Macdonald Carey,William Lundigan,John Lund and
Richard Carlson not forgetting actresses like Dorothy Patrick and Audrey Long.
Still at least the screen captures of MAN WITHOUT A STAR will give you an idea of what
to expect. Gary also gives a glowing review to Classicflix Blu Ray of THE KILLER IS LOOSE..
more Rhonda Fleming in high definition can only be a good thing.

8:05 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks so much, John! And thanks as well for your comment at the Rupert Pupkin site, I plan to answer you and Kristina there tomorrow.

Glad I could introduce you to a couple new titles!

There is some great GUNFIGHTERS material out there on the web. I have a few photos of Scott with the two leading ladies which I use as part of a Westerns computer screensaver. :)

Thanks for sharing all the good Blu-ray info...and I do indeed have the MAN WITHOUT A STAR DVD in my "hot" stack!

Good question about other actors I don't care for...they are so few that I actually have trouble calling names to mind right now. So often I find something to like eventually...for instance I was never a Marlene Dietrich fan (she just ruins A FOREIGN AFFAIR for me, with faves Jean Arthur and John Lund), yet I've come to appreciate her in films like SHANGHAI EXPRESS and NO HIGHWAY IN THE SKY and have developed a sort of appreciation for her, even though she's not a fave.

I don't really like Shelley Winters yet she was pretty good in MEET DANNY WILSON and a couple other titles. And I strongly dislike Mercedes McCambridge.

If I think of some other actors I have trouble with later I'll let you know! What about you, are there actors you'd just as soon skip, at least in certain films?

Much more fun focusing on all the interesting actors and actresses I like, including those you named here! :) Speaking of Audrey Long, the Kino release of her GAME OF DEATH is also in my "hot" stack.

And I'll be seeing John Lund on nitrate this Sunday! I'm going to see NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND EYES in 35mm nitrate at UCLA.

Have a great weekend!
Best wishes,

12:36 AM  
Blogger john k said...

Thank you Laura for your detailed reply.

I too am not to fond of Dietrich and Winters.
I did however enjoy Winters in LARCENY and FRENCHIE but I feel that she somehow
became a parody of herself in later films.
I could provide a never-ending list of current day stars but with stars of the
classic era it's hard to fault them really.
I forgot to include Frank Lovejoy among the stars that you continue to champion.
I suppose of the classic era I've never been much of a Mickey Rooney fan and in most
of his dramatic roles I always feel the film would have been far better with
another actor in the lead.A point in case is PLATINUM HIGH SCHOOL where Rooney is
cast opposite Dan Duryea. It's an interesting thriller and had Glenn Ford been
cast in Rooney's role the film would have had great potential.
I would have loved to have seen Ford and Duryea going head to head in a movie,
especially in a Western.

7:12 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks for your feedback, John!

Lovejoy is great. :)

Have you seen THE HUMAN COMEDY? I feel it's Rooney's best dramatic role, well worth seeing.

Ford and Duryea, that's fun to imagine!

Best wishes,

9:05 AM  

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