Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Coming to DVD: Black Beauty (1978)

I'd forgotten all about the 1978 NBC miniseries BLACK BEAUTY until I read about its upcoming DVD release at TV Shows on DVD.

Animal movies aren't my favorite genre, but this was a very good program which I enjoyed watching as a teenager; I'd like to share it with my children.

Check out the superb cast, which includes William Devane, Edward Albert, Ken Curtis, Don DeFore, Eileen Brennan, Van Johnson, Jack Elam, Cameron Mitchell, Diana Muldaur, Glynnis O'Connor, Harry Carey Jr., and many more familiar faces.

BLACK BEAUTY will be released on April 20th.


Blogger Tom said...

Oh, Van Johnson is in it? I might make a point to check it out then. I've always liked Van.

7:13 PM  

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