Thursday, March 04, 2010

In Disney News...

Here's some of the interesting Disney-related news of the past few days...

...The Disney Parks Blog has a terrific little video of Mickey being placed atop the Silly Symphony Swings.

The ride now looks wonderful...and it makes one realize anew the silliness of the park's original generic non-Disney design. The blah Orange Stinger can't begin to compare with the redesigned ride.

The photo at the upper left is of the Swings under construction in January.

...Within a few minutes yesterday, I received a great link from both J.C. Loophole and my daughter; the official Disney blog has posted table models for Disney World's Fantasyland expansion.

I first wrote about the Fantasyland expansion when it was announced last fall at the D23 Expo.

I love the double Dumbo ride! Shorter Dumbo lines will make a lot of guests very happy.

...MousePlanet says that the World of Color premiere may be pushed back from May 1st to June 1st.

...MousePlanet also rumors that the first-ever "bicoastal annual pass" will be announced later this month. I wonder what on earth a pass good at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World would cost?

(Seen to the right: Disney World's Cinderella Castle in January 2008.)

Half a decade ago, we were "bicoastal" passholders for a year, when we bought annual passes so that we could make two trips to Disney World within a year's time. Buying the passes meant that for the second trip we "only" had to pay for airfare and lodging, and the lodging was much less expensive with our passes.

I definitely want to visit when the new Fantasyland opens! And my younger son and I are the only ones to have been on the fabulous Expedition Everest yet.

...Speaking of Disney trips, every year I order the free Disney vacation planning CD. The 2010 edition is now available.


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